Mar 22

First Day of Spring in the Garden

St. Patrick's Day may be gone, but I want green

St. Patrick’s Day may be gone, but I want green!

Gardeners woke up and groaned throughout the northeast on this first day of spring.  Just when we were celebrating the emergence of daffodils leaves, winter aconite flowers, snow drops, and a chance to do the glorious job of spring cleaning.  It snowed.

I was scheduled to do apple tree pruning.

I drowned my sorrows on the computer, designing for a wonderful return client, which cheered me up no end. I placed oakleaf hydrangeas off to the side of their new screen porch. In the front, I created an herb bed, and then framed a part of their new hot tub seating area with beautiful boulders and viburnum plicatum mariesii. The hydrangeas will provide white flowers all summer and then the leaves will turn red. White flowers will blanket the viburnum. It will then fill with berries and reddish purple leaves.

Gotta go shovel…

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