Working in a snowy garden

Where was the snow in February when we wanted it? It was waiting for March when we want to garden and see our spring landscapes. 

One of the many great things about having fruit trees, is they want attention in March regardless of snow on the ground.

Although many of us are itching for things to grow, garlic mustard and other weeds have started as have ticks…so check yourself.

I’ve been shoveling piles of snow on to the driveway to aid Mother Nature, and I was rewarded with daffodil leaves starting to turn green as are primrose leaves. Even my fothergillas are budding out.

To deal with my garden “antsyness,” I continued planting vegetable and flower seeds, and visited Ward’s spring display bursting with flowers and fragrance.

I know true spring will be here soon since it seems to do that every year.

Pruning in the snow. YES!