Mar 09

Moira Banks-Dobson & Sanjiban Sellew

Garden is about growing and beauty, but so much of life is also filled with sadness. In the Berkshires where I live, two people who made the world a better and more beautiful place recently died.
Sanjiban Sellew, a filmmaker and so much more, died because cancer still has the last word. His short films Road Kill Revival http://www.sanjibanfilms.com/flash8/roadkill.html and Animal Tricks, make you laugh despite the sadness you feel. Brain cancer ended his life, but certainly not his spirit!
Moira Banks-Dobson, who I did not know, but all who did know her speak of her beauty – inside and out  – died because the courts, the “justice system’, did not do their job. They, over and over again, in fact seven times and counting, let a drunkin drive go free. Free to kill.
I didn’t create this Blog to rant, but as I think of these two people, and the politics today in so many areas including the need to control women’s lives, make me feel like shouting, ” How dare they? Have they no sense of decency!”

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