Landscape Design Now for Spring

prairie fire

Now that’s a beautiful Berkshire view out my office!

Okay, you can’t begin planting, but don’t let the snow stop you from planning your garden. Instead, use these frosty days to to take stock of your landscape.

Since you have to be inside anyway, start with the windows you look out most. What would you like to see? A lot of people have windows in the kitchen. Ask yourself when are you there most? How much sun does the area receive in the spring and summer? Do you want to look at vegetables, herbs, evergreens so you have color all year, shrubs, perennials, or a combination of them all?

Do you look at your neighbors’ house or the road in the winter, and would you rather not? This is a great time to think about areas you would like screen.

On the other hand, are their areas where a beautiful Berkshire view exists only when the leaves are down. Maybe you’d like to thin the existing greenery to improve the scenery.

What about where you eat your meals? I love eating breakfast and lunch inside while the birds are depleting their feeders outside. I’d rather they slow down, but I don’t get a vote on this.

There are so many options for improving your landscape all year round including plants with winter interest…but that’s for another day.