Mar 28

Prune Time: Get in the Garden Now

apple blossoms


Pruning & Snow – You betcha!
The great thing about having snow on the ground means I could reach high up into apple trees when I was out in the garden pruning this week. The experience also ramped up my fantasies; after a long winter, there is nothing like a landscape filled with pink, white, and rose-colored blossoms blanketing fruit trees in the spring.
Now is the time to prune your apple, crabapple, and pear trees. There are numerous YouTube’s Pruning stimulates growth, increases the sunlight into the plant, improves the shape, and allows airflow – great for reducing pests.
Blueberries rarely need pruning except for removing branches that cross other branches.
Before you get started sharpen and clean your pruners, loppers, and saws. Having a dog nearby to throw the sticks to also increases the fun.
The time to garden has finally arrived. Hurray!