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Working in a snowy garden

Where was the snow in February when we wanted it? It was waiting for March when we want to garden and see our spring landscapes.  One of the many great things about having fruit trees, is they want attention in March regardless of snow on the ground. Although many of us are itching for things …

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I Love Gardening in a Berkshire Winter

I LOVE WINTER! I know that’s a sin in some circles, but in winter, all my gardens are perfect – no weeds, no bugs, just a white wonder. I can also walk my woods without fear of Lyme disease, which I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had it. Seed and nursery catalogs …

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Love at First Bite

Below is article in the Spring Edition 2013 of Edible Berkshires On our first date Chris Blair offered to cook dinner for me. As an architectural designer he felt the need to redo his kitchen, but consequently, given his addiction to cooking, he was suffering withdrawal. To ease his pain, he searched for places to …

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Edible Berkshires – The Best of the Garden

We don’t have to separate veggies or fruits from flowers. Blueberries like soil that is really acid or low pH, and that’s just what hydrangeas with blue flowers love…so I love putting them together. Read my article in the spring issue of edible Berkshires and learn so many wonderful tips and so much more. Enjoy!

Whoosh in the Landscape

Wind, like the mythical and elusive town of Brigadoon, appears only occasionally, and when it does, magic happens. Nothing celebrates that magic element like tall grasses. Grasses also can provide privacy as they do for this firepit by the water, and they come in all sizes and can even grow in the shade like Hakone grass, …

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Winter Vegetable Gardening

Coldframe Magic Fresh greens for dinner. What a wonderful phrase to use in the winter… Here’s how you do it: Purchase a coldframe – I like the company Juwel, because their products last. Purchase one of Juwel’s automatic openers. This ensures plants aren’t killed on on warm and/or  sunny days. Plant spinach and other cold …

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A tools for all reasons

Karen Shreefter Landscape Design’s Favorite  Tool! Hori Hori – Japanese Farmer’s Knife It will dig out most weeds;  it’s great for dividing plants, and even planting plants; and it will slice fingers (I know from experience).

Snow’s Striptease

Chris and I went to NYC where there was no snow. He had never been to the Cloisters so off we went, and in one of their gardens, I saw snowdrops – not in the sky, but growing at the base of a very old espaliered pear tree, and then nearby, surrounding quince trees. I …

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Growing in the snow

Best vegetable garden book

Out every window there is white. I love snow, but… My seeds have arrived, and I’m ready for my note-filled, The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible, by Edward C. Smith.  He helps with my annual redo of the vegetable garden design. So it may be ice-jams outside, but it’s luscious tomatoes, crispy greens, and messy strawberries inside …

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